Upcoming Event: Gardner Museum Hosts Designer Pop-Up Studio This Friday

Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum proudly announces its first pop-up fashion design studio, this Friday, June 20. from 1 to 4 p.m.  Hosted by Jay Calderin, founder and executive director of Boston Fashion Week, and Victoria Dominguez-Bagu, Boston School of Fashion Design alum who debuted her first collection at the 2011 Boston Fashion Week.  Jay and Victoria will be there to speak with you and answer questions about how fashions evolve from two-dimensional sketches to three-dimensional, wearable designs.


This event is free to attend with admission to the museum (adults $15, seniors $12, students $5, children under 18 free.)  This is a great opportunity to visit with fashion professionals, find out first-hand about the process of creating fashion designs, and perhaps be inspired to create something of your own!

As most of you may know, summer is also the season when many museums host fashion/design/costume exhibits, and this summer the Gardner hosts Carla Fernandez: The Barefoot Designer: A Passion for Radical Design and Community….

This first-ever fashion exhibition at the Gardner Museum explores the development of a new language in visual design that Fernández has built over two decades. She uses a method called “the Square Root” based on the Mexican tradition of making clothing from squares and rectangles. This process emphasizes forms of fabric and delicate, thoughtful construction based on whole fabric, as opposed to cutting in curves and molding to the body.

This exhibit, and the pop-up studio, look like two events worth the drive to Boston.

BTW, if you miss the June pop-up studio, there will be another one on July 18.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Event: Gardner Museum Hosts Designer Pop-Up Studio This Friday

  1. Tish – most city libraries have passes for the Isabella Gardner & MOFA. Also the Bank of America branch in my town gives them away. I am sure they do it in other towns as well.

  2. TIsh most city libraries offer passes to Gardner & MOFA. Also my Bank of America branch has museum passes for customers with accounts. I am sure other city branches do the same. Just in case someone cannot afford the entrance fee! Thanks for sharing.

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