A Quick Look at Prabal Gurung Collection for Target

Well, I was down at the local mall today, and had a chance to look at a number of pieces in the Prabal Gurung Collection for Target at my local Target.  I can’t say I was all that impressed.  Here’s why…..

After the snowstorm we had over the past weekend, I found it difficult to shop this collection.  The weather does not make me think of spring, and I’m not inspired by  the thought of buying something that’s going to sit in my closet for several months before I can wear it.  Then, as I expected, the clothes were quite small, even though they have women’s numbered sizes.   I may be tempted to try one of their size 16 outfits because I sincerely doubt a 14 will fit.  Yet I’m not all that impressed with the colors, prints, or cuts.  Prabal Gurung First Date Print dressThere’s a lot of neon yellow,  neon blue, neon orange (or is it red?)  The styles are *very* youthful–which, once again, says to me, an adult fashion enthusiast, that Target is not interested in having me buy their items for myself.

Yes, the collection–as many of Target’s other designer collaboration collections–tells me that my fashion dollar is only good if I’m spending it for my daughter, who will obviously pester the crap out of me to buy a dress in the First Date print, even though it’s made in a very cheap-feeling cotton/modal t-shirt material.

Maybe I could wear it as a summer beach cover-up, but I wouldn’t necessarily wear it on a date.

Overall, I’m totally turned off by the neon yellow that dominates this collection, and is all over the place.  It’s ugly, and not flattering on anyone.  Maybe on little kids, but not anyone over the age of 21.

I guess that’s what continues to disappoint me about Target: they do not seem interested in selling nice, affordable clothing to women. There was a time when Target was a great alternative to Sears and some other retailers.  It seems more and more that Target is heading the way of Old Navy or Wal-Mart, and will be, sadly, added to my “do not shop” list.

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