Tuesday Menswear Moment: What Do Johnny Depp and Jared Leto have in common?? Vintage!

Lots of celebrities get to wear retro and reproduction clothing when they work on period-based projects.  John Hamm always looks fabulous in those early and mod-era 60’s suits for Mad Men, and we all remember how stunning Ryan Gosling was in 40’s fedoras and double-breasted suits in Gangster Squad.  In most cases, these are specially created garments that follow the cuts and styles of the era with minor tweaks in color to correspond to a time period but are really meant to add to the overall visual styling of a show.  However, there are some celebs who collect vintage clothing and\r\n\r\n

Obviously, this dove gray fedora is one of Johnny's favorites...
Obviously, this dove gray fedora is one of Johnny’s vintage  favorites…
\r\n\r\naccessories.  Among the guys, Jared Leto and Johnny Depp are known for both collecting and adding vintage pieces to their individual unique styles.\r\n\r\nFor instance, Jared Leto showed up at the London premier of the Dallas Buyers Club in a vintage suit jacket, contemporary trendy shirt, and leather pants….Jared Leto Dallas Buyers Club Premiere LondonOh, and let’s not forget the purple socks….\r\n\r\nLeto, ever the definition of a “clothes horse” has a tremendous wardrobe with pieces that go back to the 90’s (not vintage, but definitely retro.) He often mixes and matches retro designer with current trendy, vintage and retro and modern and grunge…..yes, Leto knows his way around some menswear for sure! (that is, if you want to really make a *statement*!)\r\n\r\nJohnny Depp also incorporates vintage into his personal style in unique ways.  Johnny’s been known to wear vintage inspired suits reminiscent of the styles he’s worn in movies Public Enemies and Ed Wood.  But his real vintage love extends to frames for glasses and fedoras.  Depp can often be spotted wearing some combination of funky scarf, retro frames and vintage fedora….\r\n\r\nThe great thing about Depp’s incorporating of vintage is subtle. Certainly not as over-the top as Jared’s, but it still makes a strong style statement.\r\n\r\nPersonally, I love a man who wears a fedora, or who can take simple vintage pieces and weave them into his wardrobe.  A man doesn’t have to be a total clothes horse, like Jared Leto, if he pays attention to the little details a la Johnny Depp.

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