Tuesday Menswear: Ben Affleck at the Gone Girl Premiere 2014

Ben Affleck’s new movie “Gone Girl” premiered last week at the 52nd New York Film Festival to some darned good reviews.  This wasn’t a big Hollywood-style Red Carpet premiere, so Affleck showed up in a fabulous blue shadow-stripe suit, with a simple white shirt and bronze raw silk tie.  He complimented the suit with simple brown oxfords polished to a high shine….."To The Wonder" Los Angeles Premiere\r\n\r\nThis is a great,  suit for any occasion–classy, professional, conservative color with a dash of style in the shadow stripe and top-stitched lapels.  It’s a modern fit, but not too tight in the legs (as I seem to be seeing a whole lot of with men’s suits these days….esp. revealing if the guys have muscular thighs.) Affleck is looking much cooler and less cocky as he’s getting older.  His film work has also stepped up a notch, with directorial and acting credits in The Town and Argo, and, from what critics have said, this new film (which is directed by David Fincher, so expect some jumpy moments for sure!)  The bronze tie is a particularly nice touch.  This particular tie seems to change colors with the light–here looking more gray than the golden-brown I’ve seen in other photos.  However, you get the gist of the contrast here.  Affleck also wears a spread collar shirt vs. a button-down collar.  He’s getting a bit full-faced, so the spread collar is a better choice.\r\n\r\nI was particularly impressed by the shadow stripe suit.  A shadow stripe suit in black would be too formal.  In navy, it sets a stylish, professional tone.  However, some men seem to be averse to choosing anything other than a solid when purchasing a suit.  One can very simply add variety to one’s suit wardrobe with a shadow stripe suit or even a subtle glen plaid.  If you’re wondering about how to identify various suit colors and patterns, check out this quick guide to suit colors and patters to help choose one that might add a little style to your wardrobe.\r\n\r\nRemember: you don’t have to choose a suit cut that is wrong for you just to update your wardrobe.  Choose a different color or pattern to add variety and style.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nPhoto courtesy of PopSugar’s photo gallery  

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    1. It could also be Brooks Bros. I googled “Shadow Stripe suits” and a navy Brooks Bros one came up in the results. I’m totally sure he spent a pretty penny for his, but something comparable could be picked up at a good haberdashers or high end department store. As for middle-market department stores–probably not. Then again, you never know unless you do some spelunking. Which reminds me….I should spend some time in Men’s Suits departments…

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