To the Last Drop: Getting the Most Bang for Your Cosmetics Buck

Getting  ready to break the top of the old bottle to get to that last application of serum at the bottom.
Getting ready to jailbreak the top of the old bottle to get to that last application of serum at the bottom.
\r\n\r\nIMO, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get that last bit of soap or cream or foundation out of whatever bottle or tube it comes in.  I like to get every last drop of whatever product it is that I’ve paid for–esp. if it’s something like a cleanser or cream or hair product.  I take the fancy plastic tops on squeeze containers just so I can bend the tube in all sorts of ways tubes were not meant to bend in order to get that little bit of stuff that’s under the rim.  I’ll even “jailbreak” those seemingly unbreakable applicator tops just to get that last bit of stuff at the bottom of a bottle–which can be rather nicely scraped out with the flat end of a coffee stirrer.\r\n\r\nAnd there are so many other cool ways to save or scrape the last bits of a product without diluting it (which sometimes seems to be the only way to get at it.)  Leave a shampoo or conditioner bottle upside down for a day or so for the last bit to slide down to the cap, then take the whole cap off.  The last bit of product will usually be sitting in the bottom.  Got a lipstick that you love that is at the very end?  This can be warmed in a microwave (WARMED, not melted. DO NOT melt it. Melting can change the color ever so slightly or the ingredients could separate.)  Then, it can be easily squashed into a round pillbox, using another coffee stirrer.  Then use a lip brush to apply it from the pillbox container.\r\n\r\nI *love* reading about how others get the most out of their products–or how they keep expensive product from getting damaged.  Check out this post at HSN for a few other good tips.  And if you’d like to, share one of your tips or fast fixes in the comments 🙂

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