Surgeons Give Support and Bra Oasis helping women one bra at a time…

Have you ever wondered what to do with bras you’ve worn a few times, then relegated to the back of the bra drawer? You know the ones I mean: the ones you’d like to throw away but simply cannot because they’re barely worn?\r\n\r\nDid you know that there are women right now, who are in shelters,who may have had to flee abusive situations, or lost their homes for other reasons, and for whom buying a new bra might be the last thing on their minds–but still need one or two to get though the rough times?   The Surgeons Give Support Bra  Drive is new national campaign sponsored by Breast and For the first time, plastic surgeons across the country will use their offices as collection stations for donations of clean, gently used bras of all sizes. The bras will then be given to Bra Oasis–a national non-profit organization that distributes bras to women in need. Bra Oasis will then wash and tag each bra with a special Bra Identification Number, bag it with washing instructions, and send them to shelters and other places where women are in need.\r\n\r\nThe Surgeons Give Support drive runs until November 2, so you will have to hurry if you want to get your bras in to a local affiliate.  However, Bra Oasis collects and processes bras year round, so if you do not have a participating plastic surgeon in your area, or cannot make it by the November 2 date, you can mail your bras directly to Bra Oasis.  See this page  for more information on how to donate year round.\r\n\r\nI know I have at least 2 bras sitting in one of my drawers that I don’t think I’ll be fitting into any time soon.  Rather than stare at them wistfully, I think I’ll investigate the donation information and send them along to someone who can use them now.  Because, as a full-figured woman, I know how important it is to have a good, supportive undergarment–for physical reasons (you know, the whole backache thing) as much as for the simple act of feeling like a whole woman.  Since I worked for years selling bras, I know how the latter is just as important to every one of us just as much as the former.\r\n\r\nIf you have some gently used bras just hanging around, taking up space, think of donating them to Surgeons Give Support and Bra Oasis.

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