Undergoes Major Overhaul–Introduces Rachel Zoe as Chief Stylist

I had just about written off as a site from which I might never purchase a pair of shoes, when lo and behold!  Out with the old and in with the Zoe!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that replaced the\r\n\r\n

Rachel Zoe for
Rachel Zoe for
\r\n\r\nhyperbolical, over-hyped, and just-plain-tacky “style” icon Kim Kardashian with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe . (although Kardashian still retains a business connection to\r\n\r\nRachel Zoe brings a much-needed sophistication to, and a real sense of Hollywood glamour.  And it shows:  a larger selection of heel heights, and all very stylish.  No more frumpy shoes!\r\n\r\nThere have been some other changes too:   more specialty boutiques, a tie-in with Chinese Laundry (one of my favorite brands,)   and a daily deal called the “Daily Fix.”   They have also made more styles available outside of your profile, so that you can more easily peruse their whole selection.   The handbags seem to have improved as well, and there is less of a push to sell accessories.   I’m also glad to see them phasing out the apparel.\r\n\r\nAnd you can still reach a personal stylist by phone, if you’re having trouble making a selection or want some suggestions.\r\n\r\nSo, while I’m cash-strapped at the moment, and cannot take on a shoe club, ShoeDazzle’s changes have raised its profile among the various shoe clubs out there (and growing by the day.)\r\n


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    1. Thanks Allie! I thought the same thing, until I read about Rachel Zoe and saw the changes. There are so many great styes there now and the different price points are still very affordable. I don’t mind paying, say $49.99 for a good pair of shoes rather than a lower price for a lower quality product. Even if they are a one-season shoe, I know I want something that looks good and wears well. Looking forward to hearing about your experience. When I’m flush again I’ll be ordering a pair for myself 🙂

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