Saturday Seven: Stories you should be reading for week ending June 15, 2013

Saturday Seven makes far more sense than a Sunday 7.  So here are seven stories you should have read this week about fashion, body image, trash-talking movie reviewers, and much more…..\r\n\r\nHouse Passes Bangladesh Procurement Bill (WWD subscription only)\r\nYou know, I’m glad to hear the House of Reps has passed a Dept of Defense budget amendment that makes it so that firms that sell licensed military apparel comply with international safety regulations. Um, does this mean that our soldiers are wearing uniforms made in Bangladesh?!? and if so, there’s something about that idea that just smells funny…..\r\n\r\nNew York State Passes Labor Laws to Protect Child Models (WWD) Models won’t be able to work past midnight on school nights and they won’t be able to return to work less than 12 hours after they have left.  About time!\r\n\r\nWhere Have All The Fashion Critics Gone? (Fashionista) Damn, that’s a good question.  Yes, there *are* fashion critic bloggers, but the thing is that we don’t have fashion critics–and hard discussions about fashion–because money’s too tight at mags these days.  Can’t hire ’em, and can’t risk angering designer-advertisers.  Sad state of affairs, really.\r\n\r\nMelissa McCarthy Responds to Rex Reed’s Fat-Shaming Bullshit (Jezebel)Rex Reed used to be The Shit.  He was Musto before Musto was Musto.  But now he’s just a sad old guy who really should lay off the pickles before writing movie reviews (he’s just too sour.)  and I’m soooo glad that Melissa McCarthy sees no reason to kowtow to his nonsense.  Get a life, Rex.\r\n\r\n

Available at Zara, but you can find comparable ones at other non-fast fashion stores
Available at Zara, but you can find comparable ones at other non-fast fashion stores
\r\n\r\nThis Anecdote Completely Sums Up How Much Fashion Designers Hate Plus-Size (Business Insider) Modcloth decides to add more to their plus-size line.  Only 35 designers say “sure!”   What idiots.\r\n\r\n9 Mini-heeled Stunners that Will Have You Ditching Your Stilettos–Promise! (Refinery 29)  I need me some of these!!\r\n\r\nJoe Manganielo Is Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking At The ‘True Blood’ Premiere (Refinery 29)  He really is…really….go see for yourself.

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