October is Denim Month. Here’s what you need to know

For some reason, October is the month when most new denim products-materials, styles, and brands–hit the market or go on sale.  Or both.  Haven’t quite figured out why that’s the case, although it could have something to do with supply chains, manufacturing, etc.  I’ll have to look into that part.  In the meantime, if you are considering purchasing new jeans, the month of October is traditionally the best month for bargains–even, according to this in Kiplinger’s, the trendy brand 7 for all Mankind.  Here are a few things you might want to consider before making a purchase.\r\n\r\nHave you noticed the commercials for True Religion jeans?  They’re popping up everywhere, including during NFL games!  This marketing push is due, in part, to a fall-off in the overall denim market, resulting in a bit more marketing push of the True Religion brand (activewear seems to be taking a big bite out of denim, even children’s denim.)  To boost interest in True Religion, the company is re-launching the Fearless Style brand with a new Fearless Style platform, new store concept and more digital marketing to reach out to digitally-based consumers who will fit True Religion’s coolness quotient.  And what makes these particular True Religion jeans, well, so cool and new?  Look for new lightweight fabrics with more stretch, laser cuts, metallic coatings and updated silhouettes combined with the well-known, “iconic” True Religion stitching.\r\n\r\nTrue Religion jeans retail in the $150-$350 range (cough!!)\r\n\r\nAmong traditional denim brands, Lee jeans, under the Riders by Lee brand, will be launching Heavenly Touch Denim–a jean that will give you the comfort of a yoga pant with the sucking-in power of a pair of control panties.  Apparently, many women’s preference for leggings is in part what inspired Lee to come up with the new denim.  This type of “skinny jeans” will, I’d bet, be highly desirable among teens who love to wear leggings like they might a pair of jeans, and incur the ire of school officials in the process.  Given that the product price point will be in the $20 range, this product is a somewhat better investment–given the better wear of jeans in general–over leggings.\r\n\r\nThe company says that the jeans were developed with real women’s bodies in mind, with a number of cuts, fits, and styles to fit a diverse selection of women’s shapes and sizes, all with a mid-rise waistline (no “Mom Jeans” here!)\r\n\r\nThe jeans will be available at most middle market retailers and Lee jeans outlets starting October 1.\r\n\r\nNot to be outdone in the “stretchy jean” department, the NYDJ brand (Not Your NYDJ Cate Ankle Track PantDaughter’s Jeans) is also getting into the “knit jeans” game with three new styles–super skinny, elastic-ankle “track” style, and pull-on legging style.  The whole “track pant” style is one of the trends for Fall 2014 and scuttlebutt heard in Kohl’s the other day gives me the idea that, for now, there are a lot of women who will go for this style because they are “comfy, but look less casual than sweats,” as one woman said.\r\n\r\nIf you’re into having a more trendy jean, with a comfy waist that still looks good, NYDJ’s premium denim at the $114 price point isn’t all that bad.  These are available now, and signing up on the site will get you a 10 percent discount.\r\n\r\nThen again, I’m a Levi’s wearing chick, and I’m not one to spend a whole huge amount on status jeans.  Their ad campaigns and social media outreach don’t necessarily interest me, and I’m not looking for skinny jeans that look painted on (kinda did those when I was skinny, so, hey, no biggie these days.)  My preference is for Levi’s skinny jeans, mid-rise, petite.\r\n\r\n

Levi's Mid-Rise Skinny in Ace Rinse--what I usually wear
Levi’s Mid-Rise Skinny in Ace Rinse–what I usually wear
\r\n\r\nFor me, they have the best fit, and I can wear them either tucked-in or outside my boots.  If you’re a jeans traditionalist like me, you may want to spend some time on the Levi’s site, where there’s a ton of “lifestyle” marketing (not necessarily what I’m into) that really brings home Levi’s connections to American history and the American lifestyle.  Levis remain one of the most sought-after brands across the globe, so they’ve got to be doing something right.\r\n\r\nLike most brands, they’re offering hefty discounts for October (30% off slim and skinnies online now) , and take a moment to check out some of their new denim offerings including Levis Commuter (“designed by cyclists”) and the “super soft” Levis Revel.\r\n\r\nNo matter what brand of jeans you wear, October is your better jeans-buying month of the year.  Before purchasing, make sure to check out all the new styles offered by your favorite brand or brands, and make sure to get the best bargain for your buck (esp. on high-end premium or trendy denim.)\r\n\r\nHave fun!\r\n\r\n 

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