The NFL knows we look great in teeny-tiny tee shirts…..

Apparently, the other day, in New York City, there was some big fashion show in Grand Central station “cementing” a relationship between the National Football League and Vogue magazine.Vogue NFL Team Wear Ad

And why does the NFL want to partner with Vogue?  According to Forbes, women drive a boatload of consumer spending (yeah,  we knew that,) and we watch football (yeah, because there’s some great butt watching there) and we play fantasy football, too.  So, it seemed a natural to make football apparel that actually *fits* women.

I don’t see a problem with that.  I get tired of either buying kids’ sized shirts or over-sized shirts.  Neither of which fits all that well.  I want something that shows off my team (Go Pats!)  and that looks, well, sexy.

Because sexy and football really do go together.  Seriously!  Think about this: when your guy’s spending the entire day in front of the game, and you’d like a little attention, what’s better than bringing  him a snack in a teeny-tiny team tee-shirt, and a cute pair of team shorts (or even undies!)  Yes, there’s nothing like a little half-time action, if you know what I mean!

Oh, and if he doesn’t respond, chances are he’s got big money on the game, or, well, maybe there’s something  else he’s not telling you  There’s few guys who can turn down a woman in a teeny-tiny team tee and not much else.  So, if he’s a big gambler, or maybe not admitting that those tight butts turn him on too, it could be time to ditch the dude and head on over to the local sports bar.

Where wearing a teeny-tiny tee shirt is good for at lease a couple of drinks  😉

Oh, and I’m really peeved about Wes Welker playing for the Denver Broncos.  That’s Just Not Right.

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