Menswear Moment: Stylin’ men of the Grammys

Unlike many of the women, who, in some cases, would change their outfits a total of three times during the evening (one for the red carpet, one for presenting/accepting, and one for the after-party of choice,)  the men usually don’t do that kind of thing.  Once you have a suit on, it *stays* on, no matter where you go or what you do before, during, or afterward.  And, unlike the Oscars, or Golden Globes, which are big on boring tuxedos, the Grammys are chock full of creative and cool menswear moments.  Here are some of my faves….. Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis doing the velvet thing.  Guys, don’t try this one if you are over 40, no matter how hot you think you are…..\r\n\r\n

Not sure about the Hush Puppies on Macklemore, but, hey, what else do you wear with teal velvet?
Not sure about the Hush Puppies on Macklemore, but, hey, what else do you wear with teal velvet?
\r\n\r\nOld dudes be stylin’!  Smokey Robinson and Steven Tyler looking quite classy.  Tyler’s choice of white was fabulous for him–who always has a touch of the flamboyantly fabulous in himself…..\r\n\r\n
Smokey Robinson and Steve Tyler at Grammys 2014
These old guys had more style between the two of them than all the old ladies combined–considering all the old ladies showed up in black like it was one big, giant funeral.

\r\nOzzy is as Ozzy does….but dig the purple lining on that jacket!  so cool! Ozzy at Grammys 2014 Lars Ulrich apparently believes he can accessorize with a much younger, much taller woman and no one will notice how kinda old and skinny he looks….not flattering either way…. Lars UlrichAs I mentioned in my note about the old guys–Smokey and Steven–so many of the “old ladies” at the show were decided downers, mostly in black pants outfits, some with oversized hats, looking like they’re all attending someone’s funeral.  Props for Gloria Estefan, who dared to be beautiful in red Gloria Estefan at Grammys 2014 When some of the older men look so much better than so many of the older women (and don’t get me started on Madonna! argh!) it makes me think that the women either have terrible stylists or certainly feel bad about themselves.  Or perhaps they’ve just lost that sense of fun.  Either way, it’s no wonder that Steven Tyler is a style “role model” for so many older women!  The guy may be as ugly as anything, but man! can he dress for the occasion!  Most certainly the best ensemble of the evening, even beating out Pharrell’s vintage Vivienne Westwood “Buffalo Gals” Smokey Bear hat! Pharrellthus proving that sometimes, even the hippest people can make very silly fashion choices–esp. when it comes to vintage!

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