January is the month for winter sports, underwear and new sheets (shoes, too)

If you haven’t noticed, certain items go on sale at different times of the year–usually sales beyond what we’d consider the Big Ones, like Back-to-School or the Holidays.  January, the month after we’ve spent ourselves stupid, is the time of the year, is when the big White Sales happen–sheets, towels, and other items of that sort–as well as big sales on bras, panties, and other undergarments (this is a separate sale from the usual post-holiday markdowns.)\r\n\r\n

One of my fave bras, the Ariza balconette by Panache
One of my fave bras, the Ariza balconette by Panache
\r\n\r\nWhy January for these items?  Well, winter is usually a slow time for linens, which have their peak around late Spring and Summer, when people are doing spring cleaning and buying wedding presents.  As for underwear–most stores have to start moving out the excess Christmas gift lingerie for Valentine’s day lingerie.  Seasonal underwear has to get moved out, as well as winter colored shapewear (reds, some of the black, anything with sparkle,)  and bras that were rolled out with the Fall fashion collections.\r\n\r\nIf you haven’t noticed, Spring-Summer is the time when new bra styles come out, usually to accommodate lower necklines or other potential changes in clothing cuts, as well as the Spring colors such as pink, blue, and flower patterns.\r\n\r\nThe sales go for online retailers, too, who are also trying to move merch.  I’ve found some super buys on bras at BareNecessities.com, where I find the better selection of bras in my size;  shapewear and sleepwear sets on the Maidenform site.\r\n\r\nOh, and another item: shoes!  Especially Fall-Winter evening shoes, boots, and winter slippers.  Wow! there are some fantastic buys right now!  Boots are great–especially if you live in a snowy part of the world, and need a new pair of snow\r\n\r\n
A low-shaft engineer, motorcycle, or cowboy boot will last you through the spring's Grunge revival into the Fall.
A low-shaft engineer, motorcycle, or cowboy boot will last you through the spring’s Grunge revival into the Fall.
\r\n\r\nboots (I always buy mine on sale and have some fantastic styles.)  Don’t make the mistake of buying something too trendy: that ’70’s inspired  humungo-heeled, fuchsia suede heels are a no-no, even if they are in your size (unless you decide to make them into an artwork when you’re done with them.) Fancy flats that were featured for the holidays are dirt cheap right about now, and will carry you right into the beginning of summer, as will beige and black kitten heels, pretty much anything pointy toe with a kitten or mid-heel, as heels will be going down going into summer and fall.  Silver, too, which made its debut in the January mags as a spring trend, will be a great purchase.  Or a Grunge-inspired boot….\r\n\r\nIf you find you’re needing any of these super sale items–bras, panties, shoes, sheets or towels–now’s the time to get them.  Get the most bang for your buck by thinking trend-forward and make a purchase that will carry you through at least two, if not three seasons–or years, if it happens to be something like long underwear.   Always strive to be trend-forward and fiscally responsible(they’re not mutually exclusive, once you learn how to do it.)

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