Five Tips for Getting the Best Values from Semi-Annual Bra Sales

Now that we’re in June–and the middle of the month no less–most specialty lingerie retailers, outlet shops, and department stores have started the second of their semi-annual bra sale events.  This Lingerie shopmakes it a great time to get re-measured for bras and to pick up some of those special styles or extra-pretty bras that you might not buy during the rest of the year.\n\nWhy do retailers have semi-annual sales?  For the most part, they are looking to clear out spring and winter surplus styles in bras, underwear, sleepwear, and shapewear ahead of the big restock for the back to school season.  This is also why it’s usually kind of tough to buy a bra in summer, since stores are receiving new marketing campaigns and products that will go out sometime in August.\n\nBefore you start digging into those bins and racks of sale items, there are a few things to keep in mind:\n\n1.  Make sure you know your right size.  If you don’t know your size, get measured.\n\n2.  Check the quality of the garment.  Look for pulls in the fabric, stretched-out elastic, or poking wire.  Some companies will put old or returned merchandise in their sale bins, so be careful.\n\n3.  If you find a style you usually wear in the discount bins, ask the manager or staff member if the company is discontinuing the style or if they will no longer carry your size in the store.  Companies will sometimes stop carrying certain sizes if they do not sell well or if they will be getting more stock in popular sizes and need the room.\n\n4.  Break out of the same old-same old. Buy something different.   Never wore a push-up bra?  Try one!  You’d like something lacy?  Now’s the time.\n\n5.  Sports bras?  Definitely!   This time of year they are cycling out “old” colors–but who cares if your bra is gray with bright pink piping?  Try them on first to make sure they fit properly.  If you’re full-busted you might need a larger cup or back size for a proper, secure fit.\n\nSemi-annual sales are also great for picking up matching panties and replacing worn-out nasties in your underwear drawer.  One type of underwear I’d recommend to add for summer are some briefs–a.k.a. “granny panties”–in a moisture wicking or breathable fabric.  These are great for wearing under summer dresses and clingy long skirts–the skirt fabric\n\n

"granny panties" are a great way to hide a tummy bulge without needing a girdle
“granny panties” are a great way to hide a tummy bulge and are cheaper than shapewear
\n\nflows beautifully over them for a super-seamless look!  The will also keep you from having that awful “belly line” and are more comfortable than wearing Spanks.\n\nOh, and if you’re worried about guys discovering your granny panties–well, for some reason, they find these silky and sheer types kind of sexy, esp. if they happen to be vintage pin-up aficionados!\n\nSo even though there are only two full weeks left of June, you still have plenty of time to grab some great bra bargains!\n\n \n\n \n\n 

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