Fashion Trend Spring-Summer 2014: ORANGE

It wasn’t just when I was leafing through my March fashion mags that I noticed the surfeit of orange.  It was also when I was shopping the other day.  Orange, orange everywhere!  and I’m not talking shades like tangerine or coral.  I’m talking serious ORANGE.  Like Florida fruit orange.  Like Syracuse University Orangemen ORANGE.  It’s bad enough that there are no words to rhyme with orange, let alone have to try to incorporate this color into one’s spring-summer wardrobe.  That is, unless you keep it pretty simple with a lot of navy, white, and chambray shirts.  Then, orange to your heart’s content!\r\nHowever, for those of us whom orange would be an imprudent fashion choice, I’d suggest the following:\r\n\r\n1. Go for the footwear.  Shoes are always a great primary accessory to have in a fashion color.   I’m really fond of\r\n\r\n

The Stacey flat available at $69.98.
The Stacey flat available at $69.98.
\r\n\r\nShoemint’s Stacey flat.  But if you want something more summer-y, I’d wait till more of the spring-summer goods roll out.  There should be a good selection at most stores.\r\n\r\n2.  Scarves, purses and other accessories.  I’m going to crochet a nice, but not too big, purse that I can use as a clutch or shoulder bag.  Yes, my skills are *that* good :)\r\n\r\n3.  Go for the lipstick.  I purchased the NP Set “Noosa” lipstick that I featured in this post.  I’ve been playing with it–changing up the lip liner and gloss to get the right look for me.  For the most part, I like it.  In a couple of days I’ll have a tutorial on how I apply it and make it work for me.\r\n\r\nSwimwear is also another place to display orange (but I haven’t even considered looking at swimwear yet.  Not when it’s -1 degree outside.)  So, don’t think that you have to have that orange skirt or dress or anything that won’t work for you, because you can find an accessory that will update your look pretty easily.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n**Note:  Pantone said the “it” color this year is “Radiant Orchid”–but I haven’t seen it much anywhere.  Not even in home decorating.  Pantone may have missed the mark with this one.

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