Fashion #TBT Invasion of the Bullet Bras!

I don’t know of one woman, young or old, who actually enjoys wearing a bra.  Yet, when we look at the history of women’s foundation garments, what we have now is far less egregious than those awful bullet bras that women wore in the 1950’s……\r\n\r\n

Ad for Maidenform's Chansonette Bra, 1954
Ad for Maidenform’s Chansonette Bra, 1954
\r\n\r\nMadidenform’s Chansonette Bra was one of the most popular bras in the 50’s and even into the early 60’s, until bra shapes started to move away from the conical, bullet shape. However, wearing a simple brassiere usually wasn’t quite enough.  There was the high waisted girdle or longline bra for those who had “midriff bulge.”\r\n\r\nThe whole idea behind the bullet shape was to mold the breast into a “glamorous” shape that, of course, would be pleasing to the eye and make the best of First Impressions.\r\n\r\nhoo-boy….\r\n\r\nThe bullet shape wasn’t just about reigning in a woman’s unruly figure.  It was also about creating the proper foundation for clothing that had very little “give” and needed a ton of structure.  If a dress was to hold its shape, that shape underneath had to be almost inflexibly held in shape. We got no extra help from even 2 percent spandex in our clothing!\r\n\r\nThe whole bullet thing probably wasn’t too much of a problem for a woman with an average B or C cup.  She would still look modest and wholesome as much as she might look glamorous and desirable. Those of us with larger breasts, however….well, if we think we have problems NOW with being noticeable, back then, we had to be very careful not to put someone’s eye out!\r\n\r\nI can’t imagine how I might have looked in a bullet bra.  Not to mention that women with large breasts back in the day were seen as somehow “bad” or “unruly”–sure, “sexy” but “sexy” was not a good thing if one wasn’t a Hollywood star.  Even for someone who was a Hollywood Star, like Mamie Van Doren, it wasn’t easy….but Mamie definitely used the bullet bra to her advantage.\r\n\r\nMamie van Doren Screen Siren of 1950s\r\n\r\nI, however, am grateful that I don’t have to deal with staring down at a pointy prow every day.  The modern shape–more round than pointed–looks more natural and is, dare I say, just as glamorous.  If anyone wonders, just look Christina Hendricks (38F) …….\r\n\r\n
Christina Hendricks redefines the "sweater girl" for 2014
Christina Hendricks redefines the “sweater girl” for 2014
\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nH-T: This post on Desert Blonde’s Hubpage for the photo\r\n\r\nand This Post from Envisioning the American Dream for a whole bunch of great bra history\r\n\r\nand this post from Tom and Lorenzo for the lovely pic of Christina Hendricks

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