Entrepreneur Barbie makes her debut!

Having worked for a number of tech and content start-ups, I was super excited to hear about Entrepreneur Barbie!  Yeah, I know there are a ton of women out there who get their panties in a Entrepreneur Barbiebunch every time Mattel comes out with a new Barbie, but, honestly, Barbie was a huge, positive, part of my childhood, and I love that Mattel has taken Barbie from the world of aspiring fashion model and designer and into the world of entrepreneurship….\r\n\r\nPersonally, I love the look of this doll.  She’s got the stylish, color-block sheath dress, black pumps, and statement necklace.  Her hair is neat, her earrings the perfect compliment.  She carries a small briefcase with a tablet, smartphone, and wristlet purse (because, unlike guys,we can’t stuff our wallets in our back pocket.  and who wants one butt cheek bigger than the other anyway??)\r\n\r\nWhat some of the protesters to this doll don’t think about, or perhaps don’t like, is that when a woman goes to present a project to potential partners or investors, she *must* look her best.  She can’t walk in looking like a major nerd in Birkenstocks, with gray roots (if she’s older) and ill fitting clothing.  She *has* to have it together.  Sure, some of the young guys can walk into pitch meetings looking all hipster-nerdy, but even among men, the ones who are taken seriously are the ones who dress appropriately and dress well.  There are times when it’s about how smart you are, and there are times when it’s how smart you are and the confidence you project that is a reflection of your confidence in your work and yourself.  Entrepreneur Barbie projects this smart,  put-together Female Entrepreneur image perfectly.\r\n\r\nI absolutely love this doll–and, really, she reminds me of two of my entrepreneur friends, Halley and Christine–and I”m adding her to my collection.  She’s available starting in this month, June, 2014.

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